Alloy front end up-grade

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After the rear end up-grade I feel it's time to do the front end. With limited funds :( I will up-grade piece by piece untill it's complete.
We all know there are several options in regards to brands of parts and keeping in mind I intend to change the front over to alloy in a step by step fashion so I decided to stick with genuine FG alloy components.

Below is a little bag of goodies that came in the mail...."thank you mail man".

As you can see it didn't take me long to yank it all out of the bag and lay it out for inspection. Note: the kit even includes 2 sets of bushes, cambered on the left and standard on the right... how good is that?

After pushing in the standard camber set bushes you can see I have fitted the rear bulkhead.

Again fitting the standard camber set bushes this shows the front bulk head fitted.

Time for a coffee.
Ok, this is a close up showing all the little clips and castor spaces fitted back up and it's ready for action minus the bumper.

It all fitted perfectly, no filing, bending, having to go back to the supplier to spend $$$ on other bits and pieces because this & that no longer fit. basically a couple of hours and hey presto.... alloy bulkheads:2guns:

I noticed the front end feels so smooth now and with a little thread lock I am confident that the screws will not vibrate or tear out like they used to on the plastic set-up.

During my quest in finding the correct parts at a reasonable price I would like to thank Colin at Chequered flag racing and Kris at Daniels pit stop for answering all my questions regarding how to go about the up-grade.

Stay tuned for the rest of the front end.
clean bench dirty wheels... :clown:

nice work let the bling continue, although you could just strap a weight to the front to keep it down with the NOS, you don't HAVE to do it with alloy :clown:
How true, I remember with my earlier rear end up-grade thread she put on a bit of beef at the end but it's a small price to pay for a durable rig.
Looks nice,
Will be nice not cranking the screws anymore. If I may recommend installing silicone tubing over your front break cables. it will help keep the cables from getting damaged or cut.

Go for the front MT uprights next it will help the stripping out of that dang bolt.
Thanks guys.

Mt up-rights aye.... sounds like a plan as those screws falling out all the time does get annoying after a while.

Hey BTB I think your onto something with that hose protector idea:)
Hey guys ...................I have a question??????

Would it be easier if you had all alloy parts for the front end built outside of the truck or put it in piece by piece????

Just wondering
If they are FG parts then piece by piece is no big deal. Some other better CNC aluminum parts have a tendency to change the set up just enough that upgrading other parts is necessary. I mostly had problems with the uprights stripping and changed them to the (MT) uprights.
does anyone know what fg alloy uprights are correct for the monster truck FG6103-6 or fg6103-5?

6103-6 = These are the correct ones that will allow the full amount of steer both right and left, they will also allow you to upgrade to the MT cable breaks that have a taller cable holder, this will allow you to completely turn left and right without any interference (Hitting) with the front arm and the cable rubbing and also full steering without the brake assembly hitting since the breaks will be installed on the back side instead of the front which you would have with the other set. Did I say it will allow steering completely left and right.:blush:

6103-5 = NO. :no:

Looks pretty tough!


Thanks Wood, it's the final phase of the up-grade and I can't wait to see it all transform:2guns:

Hey BTB so it's 6103-6 for the genuine FG MT up-rights.... ok, I think that's the go.

Would kill for a set of FG brakes however I would probably be killed by the wife at about the same time the postman delivered them... catch 22:(
Phase 2... front shock tower

Once again the FG alloy up grade bug has bitten, I am back with the latest delivery from the postman....

After the bulk heads fitted so well I have decided to continue with the genuine FG parts as they include everything you need to get the job done.

Pictured below is an un-opened parts bag and it's a little hard to tell what's inside apart from the bulk head itself.

With the packaging removed I have layed out the parts, spacers and plenty of screws included might I add.

I am contemplating doing the install on the kitchen bench and manage to "encourage" the wife to do a little shopping therefore uninterupted MT wrenching can begin.
With the house to myself I remove and compare the plastic Vs Alloy part and notice the plastic tower is cracked in 3 places as pictured.... the up-grade suddenly turns into a need "not" a want and can be justified if the wife returns from shopping early:helpsmilie:

This is it nearly done... just a few screws to go and I couldn't resist a quick photo.

Ok, here it is all bolted-up.... nice job if I do say so myself.

In this kit everything is supplied right down to the two screws used to mount the front brake bracket... :2guns:

Once again thanks to Colin & Kris as per the first posts details.
Keep those up-grades coming ooh yeah.
Hi my name is David Allanach and I am an alloy addict :helpsmilie: :helpsmilie: :clown: :clown:

LOL, You got me pegged Cougar.... hope it's not to late for the straight jacket?:clown:

I must confess, it's been close to 24hrs since last fitting or touching an alloy component:no:
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