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I am thinking of purchasing the Alloy Servo Saver and wanted some feedback as to which one is better FOR OFF ROAD and why?

1) FG 4493 - Alloy from FG with NO bearings
2) FG 4494 - Alloy from FG WITH ball bearings
3) Elcon 18410 - Alloy spring loaded with NO bearings

Anybody running any of these?? Help a brother out!!!
I am running the FG 4494, but had the Elcon one been out when I decided to change, then I would have choosen that, but I'm a bit Elcon'ized ;-)
Rex, you would have switch to the Elcon because it is better or just because it is Elcon?? And, how do you like the 4494? Is it good for off road bashing? Thanks!
Goldencivic: I like the Elcon design better, but also like that the 4494 has ball bearings.

All the other Elcon parts I have do their job, and looks to be better made and Designed than the FG Alu Parts they have replaced.

I don't know if the Elcon is actually better, as I have only been running the FG ones.

I don't have much runtime through the 4494 on my Leopard Race yet, but it does the job.
Thanks man....I really appreciate the info. It is hard to make any kind of decision when there isn't anyone to talk to about it. NONE of my freinds are running FG.....all Baja 5b(I'm not bashing the baja AT ALL, I wanted something different), so there is no help there. And the only local hobby shop in town listed as an FG dealer doesn't carry ANYTHING....they just say that they can "get parts", which leaves me out in the cold when it comes to information. I can only "see" the parts online, ya know. I don't get to see them for myself to be able to make an educated decision.

Personally, I think that the Elcon parts are awesome, a little pricey, but you get what you pay for...right! I just liked the fact that the FG (4494) had the bearings, but wasn't sure if it would be a "fix and forget" for offroad. I thought that maybe 4494 would be more suitable for the onroad crowd (less dirt and dust)...but I don't know....that's why I ask!!!
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