Alloy servo tray?

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I have one, got it off ebay from a guy in the USA that made it, I'll try and find the auction - you may be able to message him

edit: sorry mate its too long ago and ebay only shows the feedback
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I e-Mailed the above listed web adresses, no reply's so I bought a carbon fiber tray from Action Hobbies in Toronto Ontario Canada. They have lots of FG parts, the prices are a little more expensive, but for me I don't realy care. Good customer service.
What's the deal with that they used to be so good at returning calls or emails? And heck they even asked you to contact them. Big change since thier sale. :no:
What's the deal with that they used to be so good at returning calls or emails? And heck they even asked you to contact them. Big change since thier sale. :no:

Theres a fair few that do the same - if they have a "contact us" on their website and it opens to an email page, then they don't at least send you a response then IMO they aren't worth giving my money to - heck I'm not gonna chase some company to give them my hard earned, the last they could do is respond, it takes a minute or two for gods sake, even if they don't stock what I'm after.

I have a list forming and these guys are at the top for no responses, everyone raves about how good they are but IMO they have very poor service if they won't return my email - I'm not gonna call them from overseas!

1. Largescale RC
I'm not gonna call them from overseas!
Totally understand.

Well like I've said to others maybe we need to tell the distributor about the problems on contacting their dealers for parts and see if they will cut you a deal and get you your parts direct if others are unwilling to servicer you, or at least they may help in getting something resolved on the email problems. You never know maybe, and this is just hopeful thinking, but maybe their email system is blocking some incoming emails from future customers and you have stumbled onto a spam problem with their email system?

US Distributer:
yes i've left a message on largescales ansering machine and they returned the call on there dime which i liked ..
i can make 1000 excuses for them but its a business and should have there priority's straight if they want to compete i guess
Advance is a great place to get parts. The 2 shops they have are no doubt the best shops I've seen. Lots of hobby eye candy!!Their website had a adobe parts list with Canadian prices. I would always have it with me so I knew how much the stuff was and the part numbers. It may be because the charge taxes and shipping which brings up the cost. If you ever want to add some aluminum to your ride I'd suggest the Elcon stuff. I alwyas got mine form Krikke racing and it was less expensive that the FG ones! Plus true CNC!

Also on a side note if you bought the carbon tray, yes they are expensive no matter where you get it. Aluminum trays are much less expensive.

I believe Large scale guys are on holidays till monday. Troy and his guys are first class with help .
WAY better than the Advance Hobbies boys.
Wait till tomorrow and you will get the answer .
Large Scale rules guys. GREAT SERVICE and PRICES.

Wish we had a store like that in Canada.
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