Amsoil Interceptor

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does not look bad most people are using their dominator oil. but if i had a bottle of yours i would not be worried about using it.
Amsoil Saber Pro is in my opinion the best synthetic to use from Amsoil and is the most recommended for our engines. It is a 100:1 oil but I have been using it for years at 25:1 and never had engine or spark plug problems or failures. The Pro is a low smoke formula so it works well at 25:1 without smoking the heck out of the yard. Here is the chart:
In response to your question the Interceptor will work with no problem. The dealer you bought it from should be able to get you a quart of Pro quickly from the dealer if you wanted to switch at any time.
A lot of guys around here run Dominator, like todd217 said. When I looked, all my local store, all they had was Interceptor. I bought a gallon and don't really see the difference. I've run a tank of Interceptor and a tank of Dominator back to back.
We run them at 50:1 all the time and haven't had any problems in stock or mod engines.
I now run the same 50:1 Interceptor in everything 2 cycle at my home without issues. (weedeater, leaf blower, chain saw etc.)
I've used the Redline 2 stroke racing oil which is also found in CTC as well as other small shops. I've used it for the past 3-4 years with no problems at 32 ratio. Plus never changed the spark plug!
oil issue

I have been using the Amsoil on all my large models including the big Bergen Heli I fly. Harm runs on it too and so does the Leoppard . Mcd will be using it too.
Mix a tad more and be sure the lubrication is more than adequate. A bit of smoke is ok.better than running on the dry side.
Surprisingly Can Tire sells it and its not too expensive.
Stay lubed and cool...
I mixed the Amsoil Interceptor 160ml to 5 literes the bottle does not have a cross reference on it, am i in the ball park? I have 2 literes of the oil, I will use it and I will get some Amsoil Saber Pro.
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