Any Electric Large Scale Vehicles?

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I am curious to find out if anyone is running an Electric Drivetrain? If so please post pics and Information. I know it may not be the hottest topic, but it is interesting.

Thank you
The Baja you may have seen could be from Fine Design. I just fine it so sad that although Fine Design does great conversions, they are outrageously overpriced. For the prices that you would pay for one of there cars, it should include the origenal Nitro or Gas running gear.
theres the brushless version of the baja at 2500.00 i think it was? OUCHIE.

Harm makes a 1/5 leccy onroad the EP-1

and it seems someone was working on another offroad leccy. maybe the harm offroad buggy or possibly an FG unit. don't recall.
A place that will build you an electric or sell you a conversion kit.

There is a place in Texas ( that primarily builds full and semi custom 1/5th and 1/4 scale Monster Trucks. Lat I heard they started at $4,000.00 but don't let that scare you away! For $1,400.00 they will sell you a Genesis, Nemesis or Savage converted to 1/5th scale and RTR. If you don't mind doing the work yourself they will sell you all of the parts needed to convert any on the last three mentioned. If you want them to they will sell you a RTR Monster Truck that they will have converted to electric for you and if you want to do the work yourself the gas kits are an easy conversion. If you go to their website you'll see examples of their work and it looks like it will last forever. They also have a channel on YouTube that shows one of them being driven at low speed.
Large Scale Electrics / team4monsters

I assume you are talking about electric conversions. Mike Cannon says they haven't done an electric conversion yet but will do one for a price. If you are talking about the Genesis/Nemesis, Savage stretches Mike Cannon and I were trading emails yesterday about the possibility of building an 8HP truck that could handle as much as 13HP if I ever think that 8 isn't enough. Basically if you can pay for it they can build it. My idea was a bit radical: to base the entire truck on a gas Genesis stretch kit. But what do I use for running gear? And that's not what he told me. They still do make the conversion kits and they will sell you a kit with a body but not an engine, with both a body and an engine, with an engine but not a body or RTR. Also, they've been selling them on eBay. Then again if you are talking about full or partial customs they still make them. Anyone who thinks Chris Fine's prices are high should check out team4monsters.
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I'd like to mention the expensive part of an 8 to 13HP electric. It's not the truck. The expensive part is the lipos. If you take care of them you only have to replace them every two years or so and that's the good part. The bad part is the cost. We're talking real money here but although it's a lot to spend all at once it is less than the cost of gas and two-stroke over the same time span and usage. This is why Fine's conversions are as expensive as they are especially when you're talking about the lipos for an 8HP motor.
The cost of going brushless in a 1/5 scale is pretty big. The one thing to remember is run times ! This set-up will run about 12 minutes. There are bigger lipos that could be used to get more, but more cost up front. After the 12 minutes of amazing power, your done, unless you decide to get 2 sets of batteries. Even if you had 2 sets, the gassers would be running out of the first tank of fuel just about the time the second set of lipos would be needing re-charged. I can see it for drag racing, or something like that for sure. For everyday driving, I'm just not sure.

Thats a pretty cool system you have. Just curious on what you are asking for it ? PM me a price if your still looking to sell it. We are running 6s lipos on ours & it's extremely powerful. I've talked with others that say 10s would be better. I don't know where our testing will go with this. The cost of the 10s lipos along with the system is very high for the average consumer. I really wanted to see that beetle stand on the back wheels ! I looked to be very drivable & still pretty fast though. Nice vid. !
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