any one know the Qsac rules???


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mckinney tx
could someone tell me the rules for a super sedan class,for dirt.idh adobe i cant look it up could some one please tell me the height,length,width,weight,and what size motor i can run in it.please tell me all of it if you can,maybe short hand it if you can.:( :helpsmilie:

thanks in advance!
what are you talking about sedans on dirt qsac,org. has grand national cars & sportsman & sprints and trucks check out luddenham quarterscale racing speedway in australia they have sprints on dirt and a sedan buggy class if thats what your looking for here in the states they run sprints on dirt right now no sedan classes may bee in the future. dirt sprints are getting more & more popular now theres more dirt tracks popping up now i have to get mine on dirt it looks like a ball.hope this helps you
Timmahh,i don't have adobe reader,so i cant look at it,sorry if i sound rude.i just cant look at it my peice of sh** computer wont let me.and beerman im talking about the big dirt cars like the supr late model class around the U.S. they race on tv and my neighbor has one that we race every saturday night.i just love that car.its the car in the picture.its me driving it.


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tthank timmahh i did it and now i got what i need i am goin to start building chassis and bodies to fit within the rules.:celebrate: :gunsmilie:
tthank timmahh i did it and now i got what i need i am goin to start building chassis and bodies to fit within the rules.:celebrate: :gunsmilie:
To my knowledge Qsac does not have a class for the car you are interested allthough that would be cool! here is a pic of a chassis I built and ran on qsac events, it was considered the grand national class


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hey mt i like your car did you fab it yourself?
Yes I did,I used to build full scale tube chassis stockcars, some places call them pro-stocks or late models,I pretty much built them a copy of the full scale offset chassis stock cars


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ooo very nice i like it...hmm i want to do that when ever i get outa college..but untill then im stuck with what i got..i race them at the devils bowl speedway on dirt.:) but i just started to build large scale chassis but i have only gotten through 2 of them but i need alot of practice.what size tube did you use????i used 1/2 conduit from the local hardware works but i think it is a little big though.:blush:
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