Anyone using the FG self locking diffs or Hybrids setups

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I was wondering, being that differential "unloading" is not the best for any differential. I occasionally run my Marder in low grip conditions and would like to assemble a differential to be run during these conditions. I have the FG Aluminum Differential Cage P# 8483/5, and would like to know if anyone has installed the Self Locking kit P# 8502 (4 way locking) or 8402 (2 way locking)?

Has anyone experimented with any diff setups?

Are there any setups that allow filling the diff with different Silicone Fluids as in 1/8 Off-Road

My current Diff-Setup:

Aluminum Diff Cage P# 8483/5
Stock internal gears w/shims
Molybdenum Grease or Team Associated Black Lube
(depending on running conditions)
Needle Bearings P# 8488/1

Thank You.
FG sell a viscous diff, sorry I don't know the part number but i know its pricey. I believe it allows tuning with different oils like a nitro as its sealed better than the normal design which will only contain grease. I am thinking of trying some bad horsie stuff in my FG
Selwa, Good to see ya back around Bro!
knew you wouldnt stay gone Too long. lol

sorry for the

hello , i have now 3 weeks a self sperr dif i the marder ,, this is realy realy good ,, a lot more traction on the sand , special on the beach where i go here in italy ,,, verry verry good , BUT a lott off broken dog bones and two diff axes sets ,, good but need more new dog bones and spur gears , i change now the plastic spur gearto a metal one , i hope not again more dog bones now ....i let you know ,,,,
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