Are MCD diffs Torsen?


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Bean studying the breakdown manual and have noticed a few things I don't fully understand. Firstly the diffs. I know the center is just a spool (ie. locked) meaning that at any given time the power must be going to at least one front and one rear wheel. This was the same arrangement I had with my Losi LST and found the front wanted to push a little through the corners because of this. Doesn't seem to be the case with any of the MCD vids i've seen as they appear to turn pretty well (much better than my Baja5b).

Also what kind of diffs are those? certainly not the typical spider gear arrangement im used to. Are they a torsen diff and are these filled with silicone diff oil or grease from the factory, if so what weight? They don't appear to be as I cannot see any kind of rubber seal on the ring gear you would normally find on a oil filled diff. The output shafts also don't appear to be riding on any bearing/bushing so they may develop slop over time (has anyone noticed this?) Again this was the same as with my LST and did notice a fair amount of play due to wear over a period of a few months use.

I guess what I really want to know is how do you guys service the diffs and did you do anything before taking it out for the first time.

Finally I have seen a few install a grease nipple on the diff housing. I was thinking of sealing the lower part to the chassis and filling it approx 1/4 full of transmission oil (Redline shockproof) for lubrication. Sound like a good idea or should I just stick to grease.
The center can be diff too. It is locked in a stock vehicle. The diffs use pins and long gears. You would have to see the pic. to understand. There is limited slip diffs. coming available soon. We have had one set to try, They are awesome !! I'll see if I can find a good way to get some info on here for the MCD community.
There is some limited info on the King Cobra website ( as follows:

New super high quality limited-slip differentials are now available to fit all MCD cars.

The new optional heavy duty limited slip differentials have cut steel cyclic gears housed in a case machined from solid alloy.

Outer gears and matching pinion gears are also cyclic types and cut from solid steel - included in the kit.

The differential set comes with a matching cyclic pinion gear that is pre-mounted on a new shaft complete with twin ball race's to make an easy instalation.

As all the gears are cyclic, there is a specific front and rear differential assembly manufactured for each end of the car.

With an expected retail price in the UK of just £150 per complete set (front or rear) this represents very high value for money for such good qualty, and should be another big selling item for MCD.

I agree with looker2756 -they are awesome! I installed a front limited-slip diff in my Rally Car today. The handling/road-holding is incredible. Even using bald red-spot (hard compound) tyres the car handled like it was on rails! No more drifting (although it was always under control) around the corners (turns). It will now only drift or powerslide in extreme circumstances, basically where the track was very dusty or on a small patch of oil/water.

The traction out of the corners has improved significantly and hopefully my lap times will reduce as a result of this upgrade.

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