Are the stock FG bearings notoriously bad??


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The other day my car was squeeling really bad. By process of elimination I found that the rear right wheel hub bearing was making the noise.. Bearings are not my strong point, but I always thought that metal shielded bearings were supposed to be better. They sounded pretty gritty too!! I cleaned the heck out of it and it was still squeeling for about 30 minutes more, until finally it stopped. I guess the WD-40 penetrated to the inside..

Do you think I should get the bearing kit now or wait? And if yes, are the AMS bearings any good? Are there better ones?


Stock bearings are all metal shielded and will let a large amount of contamination in. What you should look at is a set of rubber shielded bearings. The require no maintenance other then brushing the dirt off with a toothbrush.

AMS does have good bearings but IMO are WAY over priced.
Have you looked at the bearing kits for the FG on TGNs site. They offer my ABEC5 kits for about half the price that you would pay for other companies bearings. All the bearings are in a packaged set ready to install. No need to try to order individual units.

Full set

Wheel bearing set.
Switch them out with the above before further damage is done to your shafts which will cost you more then the bearings themselves. Shafts are softer then the SS inner bearing ring and the ring will wear a groove in the shaft making it useless and in need of replacement.
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