Arrma 8s Kraton!

Bristol uk
All the 1/8th truggy's I've had have handled sweet as👍Better then any other type of platform imo👍 theres no reason this shouldn't😎
And no doubt the v2 will b the one to buy👍 it'll have sum of v1 issues sorted per the x maxx v2👍


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Alberta Canada
Kinda looks like they used that same cheap aluminum for the chassis as they did for the 6s models. I can see it bending easy since they use cheap aluminum for the chassis braces.

I like armma but Im glad I went with the losi for 5th scale. To be honest I don't see this as an "X Maxx killer"


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Im not a fan of the design. Those stiffening bars they have put in seems to be an afterthought and reveals to me a design that used too thin materials (probably to save bucks). I guess the Whorizon effect is setting in, as it did with Lo(o)si. I am definately holding out until I know the longivity and potential issues, better. I am not as up in arms about it as I had hoped and it doesn't look like the Xmaxx abuser I had hoped it would be. Say what you will about the Xmaxx, it will stand up to abuse. Edit. Oh piss has a "gearbox". Thats the one bit about my LST2's that I absolutely despise with hate and fury. So unnecasary and it does not actually protect the gears. It makes it easier for the shit that does get in to slowly grind the gears down as it doesn't get out as easily as it seems to get in. Its a complete turn off for me. Sorry Arrma, it was good knowing you.

John Parks

Print my own 💵 😆
Yep dbxle 2.0. Seen numerous posts now already on the kraton 8s with the chassis bending. It will likely need a chassis upgrade right off the bat, which as of now nothing is available. But I'm sure in the next few months we will see more.
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