Arrma kraton exb rtr 8s

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I've seen plenty of these new exb rtr's survive what would have killed the previous versions. Something to do with the heat treating to the 7075 is what gives it its t6 rating. Not to mention a new 1100kv motor updated tires and a sinister looking paint job.
As soon as everyone has gone to bed I'll bring it out of hiding, cut up the box and do some connector upgrades. Then I'll drive it...maybe tomorrow.
Got some things on delivery getting here soon, so if I can blend this one into the pile... the one coming will be noticed for sure. I don't want to seem completely out of control to everybody... just the guys who have a chance of understanding

Hey that's a great idea! If I can get it my head that I will give it away...maybe I can stop wanting more???
To late trying to get my family to think I'm of sound mind though. That ship sailed when I got my second one.
I keep telling myself... OK just this one...and two others.
Got it in the house and in front of the TV.
I'm allready trying to pick out the first new set of tires. The stock ones are very nice and beefy tread, pretty soft though. Tomorrow calls for nice and sunny. Oh I can't wait!
What fun! Got the connectors changed, the wheels on, batteries in and off for a little test. Not much room to run where I went but it was a blast. Still need to finish stump removal and jump building, one thing at a time. Tried it on the driveway and just as I was going to make a second video...low voltage cut off! At least it wasn't overheated.




Oh wow, nice machine! that motor combo will be insane powerful! Mine is off the charts with power and wheelies on command, I know how it can be waiting to use a new car, half excitedly anticipating, half not wanting to get it dirty. since the last time I used it, I got into the noise of a Taylor big block, so no matter how powerful an electric is no comparison. Now with the colder weather hitting my area and snow on the way ill use my electric cars more flying off the snow banks I make clearing the driveway and parking.
That’s why I built the kraton 8s lol. I wanted something to run in the winter. I’m also workinh on a Baja that someday might get a big bore or a 35 v2 but I’m sick and I am trying to buy a different truck now lol. The Vesla 5 with a big bore had been in the list for next build. I really love your trucks I’ve seen your YouTube vids. Pretty bad ass
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