Asgard STbody

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About 2 more weeks to get the mold done, then we have to negotiate with the lexan former to use a home made mold.

He wanted $6K to make an aluminum mold, so we are trying a different kind of mold. If he can use that, we are in business. If he thinks its crap, then we have to re-think the lexan.

Unless you guys want to spend $150 on bodies like the FG guys??
Rob, what are you making the mold out of, i'm building a mold for my CF guy up here to make me a Race runner body.
I don't know how they make molds, I just furnish the dollar bills. i know its not aluminum, maybe wood? We used to use Mahogany on our low budget molds at the Celphone company. Did you ever see teh fake tree cel sites? We made all those molds out of mahogony. Workd great for this type of volume.
That is not a bad idea, my CF guy told me to use Spray foam to start, and make a Plaster paris mold after that.
No, the plaster of paris will be too rough, and transfer the roughness to the lexan. That will be alot of work to get it smooth enough. Devcon makes some good stuff to use as well.
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