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Atlanta, Georgia
Came across this auction on the 'bay, and it is a straight ripoff of an auction that someone else completed: pictures, description, etc. Not sure if the real seller is on this forum, but I have seen him posting on either this one or RCUniverse.

I found this because I scan ebay periodically for fifth scale stuff. That is how I found the MCD Monster I bought from a member here.

The real completed ebay auction:

item #270181691851

The ripoff scam I found:

item #260181325275

Just a heads up for any potential victim. I emailed the real seller about his listing being stolen as well.

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I tried to post links for the auctions, but they did not show thru. I thought maybe links were not allowed. That is why I posted auction item numbers.

A big red flag about the scam auction is the too-low asking price. He "just wants $800" for a pimped-out 30.5 cc/Jetpro pipe engine, great condition MCD 4X4 Monster Truck with Spektrum 3 radio? Get real!
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i bet the current seller wants a Western Union M.O. for payment on the scam one.
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Another thing:

If you look at the scam listing item description, notice that many words have a broken line under them, and appear to be links to other things? This is a thing I have only seen on RCUniverse.com. My guess is the scammer stole this listing off the RCUniverse classified section and made it an ebay auction.
I reported it, people had bid on it so i shot ebay a message, someone was gonne be scammed - if it is the real deal then the seller should be able to verify its authenticity and have it relisted.
I reported it, people had bid on it so i shot ebay a message, someone was gonne be scammed - if it is the real deal then the seller should be able to verify its authenticity and have it relisted.

Good job. I heard from the real lister. It is/was a scam. If I had not been aware of the previous ad, I might have jumped on this, thinking what a deal!

When I first saw the scam ad, I initially started kicking myself in the ar$e because I paid a lot more for the MCD 4X4 outfit I have coming (and I got a good deal), because a lot of the same type equipment was listed. But then the pictures started looking familiar, and the asking price seemed too low, and I dug a bit and you know the rest.
The president of e-bay was on TV last night defending the company. They don't want to limit the sellers in any way, so its hard to find the scammers. Too busy counting thier money.
I would have to say it scares the crap out of me after seeing the last scam, with all positive feedback, PayPal option, and nice looking auction (Copy) - Being a scam.....:(
How the heck do they do it?
not just ebay . someone got our debit card number and pin number "wifes" and took 200.00 outta our account , banks looking into it they were the ones that notified us about this issue and they were from Montreal is all they told us , had to go into the bank and sign a affidavid ? spelling ? but the funds have been put back into our account . good thing it was only 200.00 though coulda been really bad .
it was from a mucka lucka gas station i bet !!
i'm about done with Ebay, right full of scammers.

I couldn't agree more. I have sold some high end swiss watches on ebay, and what always happens with me is shortly after I list one, I get two or three emails from Indonesia, Europe, or even the USA stating that my watch is "exactly what they are looking for," and they ask several questions about the watch, information that I have already listed in the item description, which tells me they never read it and are just looking for high prices and shotgunning emails. And they always insist I email them at their "personal email address" for "better communication," which would allow them to set up a fake auction like the MCD scam. They also always want to either use a bogus escrow service, or they want to pay with a credit card number, always stolen.

I used to report them to ebay, but they are so predictable and laughable now I just delete them.

Another big scam are these "phishing scams" you read about. I have had several emails claiming to be of PayPal origin that tell me my account is restricted because of being tied to some account that violated PayPal's rules, and it lists a link for me to click on to check out the situation, of course requiring me to enter my name and PayPal password. Neither eBay nor PayPal ever ask this of members.

You should always read any messages from ebay thru the ebay messaging system, and anything from paypal can be acessed thru your account at the official PayPal website. Never use a link in any email communication from PP or ebay. Always go thru the website to be safe. I do this and have never had any problems.

I really don't have issues with ebay. I dislike PayPal, but they are a necessary evil sometimes if you buy or sell on the internet. I don't like PayPal because they are so Buyer slanted. All it takes is one bad experience with a dishonest buyer and you would understand.

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