Back with a Baja!


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bournemouth, UK
Hi all,

Long time no activity!

I’ve recently been selling off a lot of my Rc collection. Mainly stuff I wasn’t using that was just sat on the shelf collecting dust.
I fancied an off roader and was looking at buying another Traxxas UDR as I enjoyed my old one. I was also tempted to get the new Losi SBR 2.0

Then I stumbled across my old 5b SS video on YouTube and started looking at listings…. Slippery slope

This one appeared with loads of spares, a few upgrades and it was within a reasonable distance to collect.
A deal was done and I collected it last week.

Genuine original SS. It’s never been run. Aside from its break in idle tank, she’s fresh out the box!
It’s been sat in the guys room for 4 years since being built. He wasn’t mechanically minded and didn’t realise what he’d got himself into. He just wanted to join his mates as they had one, then the places to run them gradually diminished while a few of his mates started having kids.
I bought it as a non runner. He couldn’t seem to charge the receiver pack to get it to run so I took a chance, but was immediately confident it would run once I saw it in the flesh.

It came with loads of spares, original parts such as the tuned pipe and extra wheels and tyres.

Upgrades fitted include Turtle racing shock braces, killer Rc control system and kill switch, extra lights, roll cage tubes and a lovely jet pro V2 pipe. Decent servos too. It also came with some brand new Proline badlands which I’ve swapped onto the stock rear wheels as the originals had split.

In the last week, I’ve added an alloy clutch carrier, outerwear’s pre filter and pullstart cover and replaced the shaft boots as they’d also split. I also bought a new receiver pack. The old one took a charge but given it’s age, it’s just going to be a spare.

Absolutely love the colour scheme.

Ready for its first outing this week. Can’t wait


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bournemouth, UK
Thanks guys
The price wasn’t bad, but more than that it’s exactly as I would’ve wanted to build one myself. Just can’t believe it had never been run.

Until last night.

First blast out with it yesterday. I took it fairly easy and only ran it for short periods before letting it cool just to make sure it was settling in ok. I’m told it had only had a tank at idle and given it had been sat for 3/4 years, I didn’t want to go balls out right away.

No breakages and nothing came loose so I’m glad I went over it before taking it out.

I’d forgotten how much fun these were. The location probably helped too
I’d also missed that smell!!

Short video here of the first few minutes. It’s only up to around half throttle but it was still pretty sweet even at this speed



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