Baja 1000 Eco 2 Comp

Anyone else see the potential good news for us older Baja/Racerunners out there?

It appears we will only need a few simple pieces to upgrade the suspension arms to the Evo spec. It looks to me the lower arms are exactly the same as the older version with an extension piece bolted on so we would only require the new upper arms along with the lower extension bit, driveshaft’s and steering hubs.

Thanks for the pics chickenlips.
The steering hub looks the same as the old one , from what I can see you will need for the front a lower arm extension, a longer bolt, new upper arm and a longer drive shaft, for the rear you will need a new upper arm (looks the same as the front), lower arm extension (same as front), longer bolt M8 X 90 and a longer drive shaft.
It looks like the new wheels help with the suspension geometry by placing the pivot point in the centre of the wheel
there is gonna be a upgrade pack available soon for the older versions to make it into the evo so hang tight mono
Monaroman, how often do you have to change the lower arms? I am asking because I want to know if I should stock up on them for the season. My driving style is not very aggressive!!
Well its pretty much all my fault, its all driving style related and bad landings. :clown:

I have replaced 4 rose joints (not complete arms) in a couple of months to the fronts only, maybe I need the long travel setup, but the last 2 I have used FG ones as I ran out of MCD ones, FG also make steel and alloy rose joints which is an option coupled with a front brace possibly
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