Baja 5b bogging

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hey guys new to the gassers has anyone had there baja start bogging after about 10mins of running shut it off for 2-3 mins start it up ok for 10 mins does it again?
Hard to say without some more info.
What color is the plug?
Have you checked the fuel lines to make sure they are not pinched.

What you have described so far I would say heat soaking but that may or may not be the case if its not tuned right it will bog when warm from the heat soaking(over heating)
What fuel and oil ratio are you running?
Do you happened to know what needle settings your running High and Low?

If its heat soaking it most likely is running lean after warm up which in turn is causing it to heat up thats why I ask what the plug looks like and the other info.
Thanks for the reply yamadude i cleaned my gas cap thought the vent was blocked up tried it again today same thing this time after 20 mins of hard running in the pit shut it off about 5 mins ran ok for about 5 mins after that started doing it again pulled out the plug looks wet carbon flakes on the ground electrode plug brown/blackish i;m running 32:1 91 octane both high and low needles are 1/16 turn leaner than factory what gives?
from your discription it sounds like a venting problem at the tank .. next time you find its doing that crack the fuel tank while running and if its pressurized you'll hear it vent and causing a vapor lock ..
i would think its heat soaking. richen up the needles about 1/8th turn or so ( to richen the needles turn them Counter clockwise)

but with a black/dark plug could be a bit rich yet. you may have an airleak going on. after its warmed up you get a leak causing possible heat soaking?

i checked for an air leak spraying around carb/intake gasket didn't pick up anything cylinder and case gaskets look good and dry last time i ran it i took the gas cap off for 2 sec put it back on and the same thing bogging to the point full throttle won't even spin the tires!
i think i'm going to put in a new plug richen up the needles a bit take a temp of the cylinder/head when it's running good and strong and compare it to when it starts bogging.
Well your set up doesn't sound to bad and if theres no sign of any leaks then I will have to say try what you said above and if it still continues to do it then it may be time to replace the flapper thing in the cap or you could do something like the pics below to rid your self of the problem all together.
i did a similiar thing on my mcd rally cap i used a fuel nipple from an old nitro fuel tank drilled a hole and screwed it in
Check your brakes to make sure there not heating up and binding.
Mine did this when new after about 10-15 min. of run time. Then let it sit for a few and it was ok for another 10-20 min. just a suggestion. If this does happen to be your problem you can try the pen spring mod.
well haven"t been able to take out the baja since my last post due to poopy weather until today i put in a new plug ran it hard for a full tank never bogged it seems like it's fixed cross my fingers
someone said you needed to open the spring hole in the shoe to fit the 8000 spring thru the stock shoes. but mine went in just fine without it.
well here's the bad news i thought it was fixed after the new plug ran a tank no problems took it out today since after 15 mins same thing out of no where bogging
so bad that at full throtle barely moves!
if i shut it off ok again for 5-20 mins does it again
it seems like dirt floating around in the carb but only does it when hot?
fuel/oil mix 32:1
both high/low needles 1/16 turn leaner from stock
engine temp (when bogging)190f
no air leaks
not the fuel cap vent
brand new plug
any ideas would be great
have you checked the temps when its bogging?
sounds like heatsoaking to me. which is its running fine, but at some point after a bit of time, gets too hot, thus sapping power.

i would try to richen the H need 1/4 turn and see if its any better.

next time you start it up. take a can of wd 40, and spray around the cylinder gasket, intake manifold and such. if you notice any rpm change while spraying, that is an idication of an air leak. don't use eather or starting fluid or such, as it can strip the lube off the cylinder walls and cause other issues.

i think you're on to something maybe to lean under hard running the (temp is who know's what) i'll richen it up 1/8 to 1/4 turn high jet and retry
the vent cap for the gas tank.

If you are going to put a vent cap on the gas tank you might want to put a filter on there before dirt and dust get sucked into your gas tank and into your fuel supply and then into the engine. Bad things can and will happen. But they are nice caps.
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