Baja 5b rimlocks

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not sure what issue your having. i understand the tires are coming off the rims, but how? ripping,tearing? loosing bead lock bolts ect?

sounds like they re not seating properly the edge has a lip on each side of the tire. that lip rides in the grooves in the rim and beadlocks. if your not getting them seated properly, then your only pinching the rubber and not getting full pinch and retention of that tab being properly seated. understand?

once you have it, takes me a few times occasionally to get it to work properly, you can use a dab of crazy glue on the end of the beadlock ring bolts and screw the bolts in. this will help hold the bolts tight.

one other thing to check. if you overtighten the bead lock bolts, you ll pull the bolt head thru the beadlock ring, and the ring wont be held tight to the tire. so check that too.

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