BAJA 5b Steel Roll Cage by HBZ! Quick video

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Huntington Beach, CA
Hello All,
Jay from HBZ USA/Hard Body'z. We manufacture roll cages for most nitro trucks on the market. We have recently started manufacturing parts for the 5b including a full tubular roll cage. It is similar in overall looks to the stock, but EXTREMELY STRONG! I have attached a short clip of me jumping on it and pounding on the rear end. It does cover the pipe and the pipe installed is a Jet Pro 3. It does also have built-in pIug protection as well. It will include light mounts, and you will be able to mount aftermarket roof plates also. It may not look like I am beating it very strong as it was shot on a memorystick of a camera, but I assure you I am BEATING IT!
These cages will be available Soon. Hope you like and hope to chat with many of you soon.

Can't wait to have one of these. This is a great idea & will be a huge benefit to the HPI design. How soon will they be available ?
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