For Sale Baja 5t roller (basically new, upgraded)

John Parks

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Ok guys, I have a mostly new hpi baja roller here. Very nice condition, most of the parts are new. Spec list below, I'm asking $500 plus shipping. Will trade for a losi 5ive roller as well, can add cash

-Hostile 2° big bearing hub
-Rebuilt hpi aluminum diff
-Alloy trans case
-HPI 5sc cups and axles (big ones)
-NEW Hitec hs-5765mh steering servo
-Fullforce steering servo bracket
-Savox throttle servo
-NEW rovan arms
-NEW rovan cage
-NEW clipless hingepins
-NEW modified rc rear chassis plate
-TR front and rear shock towers
-Hostile MXT tires, standard foams, proline wheels
-New bearings

20200309_121830.jpg 20200309_121843.jpg 20200309_121850.jpg 20200309_121901.jpg 20200309_121907.jpg 20200309_121918.jpg 20200309_121921.jpg 20200309_121924.jpg 20200309_121930.jpg 20200309_121950.jpg 20200309_122000.jpg


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Wish I could part with the 500 at the moment, id buy in a heart beat. Unfortunately money is scarce and I got kids.🙄 want to trade for a healthy little blonde boy? He works somewhat hard if you watch him. Only 12 so still a good 6 years of work in him. Let me know so I can source a big box.🤣