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Baja Bearing kits Now in stock.

Discussion in 'HPI Baja' started by FastEddy, Mar 20, 2007.

  1. FastEddy

    FastEddy Well-Known Member
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    Feb 15, 2007
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    Sonoma County CA
    Im now offering a FULL ball bearing kit for your Baja 5B.
    Our new kits now contain the "Missing Bearing" upgrade.


    All the bearings are Rubber Sealed, Stainless Steel units. Every bearing for your 5B is included in the kit 25 total. All bearings are ABEC rated.

    The kit will replace all the bearings and bushings on your rig.
    • Wheel bearings.
    • Diff bearings.
    • Diff bushing upgrade
    • "Missing Bearing".

    Not the engine bearings nor the 2 flanged steering bushings.

    The kit contains the following 25 units:
    • (4) 10 X 15 X 4 Rubber sealed
    • (2) 20 X 32 X 7 Rubber sealed
    • (2) 17 X 30 X 7 Rubber sealed
    • (4) 5 X 10 X 4 Rubber sealed
    • (13) 12 X 24 X 6 Rubber sealed

    We are also offering an 8 bearing kit to replace the Wheel Bearings only.