Baja paintjob and new tyres

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Melbourne, Australia
Just thought I would let you guys know what I have been up to
Proline 40 series Moab tyres with harder foams, stock foams are way too soft for this fatso, 23mm alloy adapters and a metallic green paintjob


that is a nice baja can you explain the special adapters? pls

do the hpi rims fit the baja 1000?

which tires did you use mate.?


that looks killer
did it make the truck much wider ?

change in performance ??

how does it go with the new tires oversteering?
Had a chance to run it with the moabs yet? I sometimes run moabs on my rock crawler and although there great on smooth rock I cannot seem to get traction with them when things get a bit sandy. I know a lot of guys in the crawler scene spray them with simple green which apparently softens them up for even better grip but have never tried it myself.

I like your adapters. Looks like the rims are slightly smaller in diameter than stock forcing you to go wide to clear the steering arms but is a bit hard to tell how much wider (if at all) the width is over stock from the pick. I can also get a glimpse of your alloy shock end forks and you have also made up a bash plate for the Jetpro which looks awesome.

Looking forward to hearing how it goes.
Truck is a lot wider now, haven't noticed any difference in steering for now, haven't had much of a chance to give it a good flogging yet, I had a short run on concrete and asphalt man did it rip up the Moabs, very soft compound compared to the original tyres, better traction than the originals
thats what MCD should fit instead of the cheese cutters they come with, blokes laugh at my stock racerunner wheels when they first see them

Hahaha...cheese cutters! let em laugh. They will soon stop when those cheese cutters are out gripping their RWD fatties. As you probably already know sometimes skinny is better as it creates more pounds per inch contact with the ground which can cut through the loose surface layer into the harder surface beneath which is why you always see skinny tires on rally cars during the snow stages. Actually the stock gravel tires work quite well on my local track because of this.

guys I have the fg stadium tires for my Baja will they be better then the cheese cutters that come stock??
Sandy surfaces ??
Keep up the good work guys.
guys I have the fg stadium tires for my Baja will they be better then the cheese cutters that come stock??
Sandy surfaces ??
Keep up the good work guys.

How do you fit the FG Stadium wheels to the baja? Do they go straight on, or do you need any adapters? A link would be really helpful :helpsmilie:
Thanks alot. I didnt know that you could put the FG wheels straight onto the MCD. Im looking for some tyres to use in the snow and "mudpools" or whatever there called :) Since the monsterwheels are to large for the chassis, maby il give the stadium wheels a try :boat:
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