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Hey guys Im having a problem . What do you guys do to your shocks to make them more durable ? I just got back from a 10 minute bash session and I have a broken front and rear shock shaft . Are there better shock available that I didnt get a memo for ? If this is how its always gonna be I might just park it . Oh and I wasnt beating on it too bad....20 feet in the air and it landed good . :)
Im running the stock 20 that it came with and Im not sure what hyper it was on ... Im gonna make sure they are on as soft as i can make them..well maybe not as soft as but Ill do some reading to see what everyone else is running.

Now I have to drive 20 mins back to where I was bashing cause half of the rear shock is missing . The longer spring fell off and the spring retainer . Oh well teaches me to pay attention next time .
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I haven't had any luck with the stock shocks. No matter what settings they absolutely suck! Even on the softest piston setting they still bend and than the car just bounces around all over the place. Just gotta wait till the better shock shafts are here.
two biggest mistakes I can see setting up the shocks is:

1) to much preload makes the shaft not compress into the housing as its supposed to, thus the shock has to give somewhere.

2) using the lightest hyper tends to bottom out the buggy.

What I do is I have my rears set at just enough tension to barely compress the spring, and the hyper on the next to hardest setting. Fronts I have the stock 20mm preload and have them on the hardest setting. As much jumping as I do I haven't bent but one shock shaft, and I hand straightened it because it was very minor....and make no mistake I jump the hell out of mine.

I dunno if this helps...or...If I have just got the shock gods on my side!
boy these can be a toughy to do. you sure picked up on an old thread.

lol best idea is to visit our sister site and go into the suspension section, search for "bleeding SS Shocks". its a trick but once done right, they work pretty well. but you ll find alot more specific info on hbf.
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