Beetle Body's in the Future??

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Just FYI,

I was curious to know so, I sent FG a quick email yesterday and just got back a reply. Here is my question and there answer. It looks to be a non-issue in Germany and just a US thing that they are working on, you think the same from reading it?


Is it true?

Is the VW body patent will be let to expire from Volkswagen and not be made available by FG in the near future?
What Is being said in some USA forums is that you did not have the rights to copy the VW beetle and will no longer have it available.
I believe the 1st part of my email. Please respond.
A happy FG owner!


Dear ?,

we will have the Beetle in the future as well but we have to avoid advertisement at the moment because we had some difficulties with the license only in America, not in Germany. As VW is a German company we have to solve the problem here and not with VW in America. We are already in contact with them.

Kind regards,
Bigger....have you heard any new information on this??? I'm coming up on a new body pretty soon and just wanted to make sure that I won't have to order from over seas...
FG would do good to drop the prices of the bodies by making them more generic.

It's a win win for all of us. More bodies, lower prices and less licensing hassle.
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