Best steering servo for MT

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Use the multiplex rhino myself - pretty good for the $$.

Ultimate power - tonegawa - mega $$ in comparison though - also need seperate power supply etc - there's a post on it somewhere, I just can't find it
I've got a Digital HS-5735MG installed in mine.

208oz/in of torque @ 6.0v - .15s response

Not spectacular, but it seems to pull the wheels around pretty well.

I believe Hitec has replaced this with the HS-5745MG which has a bigger heatsink built in.
HPI doenst make a Digital Servo that im aware of. Got any pics? its most likely the Baja Servo ( a relabled Futaba S3306 ).
If you have the money I'd go with a tonegawa. That's what I plan to upgrade my steering servo's with now.

ok that servo is made by TowerPro according to thier name being stamped on teh case. it looks to be a Hitec 805BB Case, but has a coreless motor, and metal gears unlike the 805BB. this actually may be a very nice servo>
let us know how it works out for you.
FGMan. Try DDM in a week or two, they should be getting them in. in the meantime try Hostile Hobby, or Pythonmotorsports, as well as BigBoystoys and even largescalerc and RCNut should have them.

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