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Upstate NY
Ok, it just makes sense to purchase a second 5b. I cant come up with a single reason not to. We should see if we can get a special price for a "group" discount for those of us with the "disease" as my friend calls it. LOL
Get your second "fix" at DDM for $920.55 shipped after the 5% discount with the coupon code DDM or HPF. Best price around with free shipping.
I don't really need another...but I have a couple of friends that are interested but don't have the money at the moment (ones getting married this June).

But if the price is too good not to buy....
The $835 on ebay is as low as it gets no matter how many are purchased. I can understand as that price is below many small hobby shops dealer cost.

It was worth a try though. :)
That is just thier ebay listing. Hobby Superstore. I call and order direct on the phone. That price is within $30-40 of normal dealer cost. Hey, he offers that price, I will accept :) $878 shipped. I will spend the $42 I saved at DDM. I own my own hobby shop bit I still need to buy like everyone else. I just get to see both sides of the fence. ;)

I am sure DDM pays more than this online warehouse that purchases dozens at a time, and DDM still offers one of the best prices. They are doing more of a service offering them than they are making a profit for themselves. The profit is in all the goodies we buy afterwards. :) Wait, kinda like a crack dealer getting someone hooked. LOL My 3rd baja should come from DDM so they can just ship the other $1500 in goodies in the same shipment. Brilliant!
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