Bigger motor mount and metal pinion?

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Hey guys, what bigger motor mount should I get? What brand, and where? What about the metal pinion, which one, where? I'm gonna leave this FHMT basically stock except maybe an exhaust, so will this be all I need to make it decently dependable?

Yes, I might upgrade motors this Fall if I stay interested in it, but right now basically stock! Let me know what else I need for this.

Here are some places to get that Pinion Gear from.

I would first try here:

Item 7010. $35 bucks plus $5 shipping. He didn't have them in stock when I tried to order from him and from what I hear he isn't really selling anything any longer. He's bad about returning e-mails but after I purchased it, he let me know he didn't have it in a few hours.

As for HobbyThek in Germany, they are great to order from. They are very quick (received mine within a week!). There is a currency conversion calculator there so don't be intimidated by that place. They also answer e-mails to questions very quickly.

For steel pinions (19 tooth):

HobbyThek in Germany. (shipping is outrageously high, but they get it to you in a week)


The Firehammer MT came with a small alloy engine mount already, so I ordered the large alloy engine mount from HobbyThek.

Large Alloy Engine Mount

I would also eventually suggest FG Part #08484 Alloy Diff Housing (order this from or If you have the money, get it sometime. You won't have to worry about stripping your gears out!

Other cool stuff from HobbyThek for the Firehammer and FHMT:


Also, sells parts for their HobbyPro clone. I swear this place has parts dirt cheap. Doesn't look like they have all the Firehammer MT parts like arms, but I purchased 2 pair of steering knuckles at $2.40 a pair for backups!

Also, check out They used to sell the XTM Grizzly which is another clone (exactly the same as the FHMT). Just do a search for Grizzly. I use them as a last resort for parts but you'll usually pay twice as much for the part. Tower has been awful about stocking parts for the Firehammer. Parts are much higher, but you get them faster than you can from (so far, slow service). I just ordered some stuff from TQ last Thursday, still haven't received shipping confirmation yet they have my money! Ordered from HobbyPeople on Friday (the steering knuckles) and had them in my hand on Monday evening.
Thanks very much for the info! That was exactly what I needed! I'll have to order when I get caught up today, been busy busy! I did have time this afternoon to fire this beast up for the first time, and its pretty cool stock!

I'm sure more power will be soon, but I'm decently impressed as is. More than I was expecting. I thought it was gonna be a slug!
No problem! Stock muffler is pretty good. I love the sound of the muffler and I think the speed is good too. I replaced mine recently with the DDM mid/high range pipe. Holy smoke!
Kinda confused on this now, please bare with me as all the bigger scale is new to me! I called a U.S FG distributor today to order the pinion and mounts. He said the pinion was the same teeth, but because it was metal, it was slightly bigger and closes up the mesh too much, so it will strip later.

Ok, I then asked about the alloy mounts, and he said they didn't fit good. I would have to modify the larger one to fit right. Is any of this true? Its all new to me, so I have no idea! If it was a T-Maxx or Savage, you won't fool me on a question, but these big scale trucks, all new to me, so I don't know anything much about them, yet!
Ok, I think I understand now! The links you sent are Hobbytek parts that have been made just for the Firehammer and clones, and the FG parts are ones that might fit, but not as good as the Hobbytek's. Is this right?

I thought the ones from Hobbytek were FG parts with Hobbyteks own part numbers added, but now I see they are one's they have had made just for the clones, not FG's.
Exactly! There are some FG parts that do fit the Firehammer, but the Hobbythek links are strictly parts made for the Firehammer Clones. It's a pain in the butt trying to figure some of that stuff our on their site. I didn't see all of the Carson parts on my first order from them! I probably would have ordered some other items at the time had I had known the Carson Comanche is the same as the Firehammer MT!
Thanks again for your help!! I ordered the Pinion and large alloy mount. Hope this helps make it more durable if I need it.
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