Black and yellow fuel tubes!

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Hi, just wondereing what the black pipe is for i thought it was for air pressure. But i disconnected it and fuel came out. Also i was going to replace these both with braided lines, does the yellow fuel one have to hit the bottom of the tank and hoe far should the black one go in?
the black one is the "pick-up" line where as the yellow one is the return line, the yellow doesn't need to hit the bottom whereas the black one should but also has an intank filter, make sure the black one is as low as you can get it in.
Just in case you unplug the lines and forget which is which;

The fuel line that connects to the bottom of the carb is the pick up line, and probably stock it is the thinner black line. This line will connect to what they call the clunk or filter at the end of the line. The clunk is there not only to filter the fuel but to also keep the intake line at the bottom of the tank while you are bashing around. Keep the line long enough to keep the clunk in the middle or lowest point of the tank.

The yellow is the return line and allows unused fuel to return to the tank, it only needs to be inserted far enough to let the fuel return to the tank.

Both lines can be the same size if you want to replace them.

Most people like the lines clear or colored clear so they may see the fuel in the line that way you know fuel is getting into the engine. But not everyone is like most, and braided line is cool looking, so go for it!:)
Give us a photo of the finished line.
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