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the only good way to nos is via a wet nos, which not only sprays the nitrous, but also includes the correct ammount of gasoline with the nitrous, thus the term "Wet"

dry system would suck and probaby kill performance if not the motor.
a quality port job will do much more
Who do you recommend to do the porting? What are the prices?

Thanks, Timm.

P.S. Where are you in MI? Did you find out, where about, the "HPI guy" in Jackson that is building the large scale track?
Im in Midland, north of Bay City about 15 minutes and west.

JeepFreak track is almost ready if not ready to go. haven't spoke with him on it in a few weeks.

also a new track just opened up in Saginaw and they WILL be holding 1/5th scale off road racing.

As far as motor work Goes, I refer all work over to Doug at ESP, Earth Surfer Products. Doug is also a Michigander and is in the Grand Rapids area. Hes one smart cookie and does excellent work. He May be a bit more expensive than some, but his work is top notch all the way. His Motors are on the top of the GoPed Racing here in the States, and one of his RC Motors, just cleaned up in an Santioned OnRoad event in one of Europes large races.

not sure on price as it will depend on what exaclty needs to be done.
you can find Doug over on Look for ESP. he has his contact info. if you need I can get it and forward it to you if youd like.
Thanks Timm...

I know where you are, I used to date a girl in Beaverton, that was a long drive from Jackson every weekend, but well worth it, if you now what I mean! ;)

Thanks for the info on the motor work too, I used to live in G.R. I may even know where he is located.

Thanks again,
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HA, yes i do, beaverton is about 20 minutes the other way from me as i 75, im damn near Dead centeter between 75 in linwood and beaverton. ofcourse you prolly crossed over to 96 and followed 127 north to clare.
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