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allanach has a NOS setup, these boost bottles are different. Some people say they inprove throttle response (not necessarily add any power) and some people say they do nothing, my mate has the single one on a stock 26cc zenoah and he reckons it does nothing. They have to be matched to the CC's of your engine to work effectively
OK, I am forced to do it, These guys are the worst kind of poophole scammers there are. First off, these things do not work in a motor this small, if these idiots had any clue as to how and why they theoretically work, they would not sell "double" bottles, and essentially only 2 sizes for everything from 23cc to 50-60cc engines. As mentioned above, the bottle needs to be tuned to the displacement of the motor. These guys throw up (as in vomit) a bunch of techno-babble to try and impress you, and fool you into thinking they have any sort of clue as to what they are doing, with the goal of getting your money.

I would like to point out a few other "suspicious" points about these guys. if you go to their website - , they claim to have a store front, they even have pictures of this supposed store. Here are the issues, there is no address, no city, no street, no number, the second issue, is the store they are showing pictures of, well, thats not there store, it MY old pocketbike shop that was located in Sunnyvale CA (which is gone now). I have plenty of other pictures of me and some friends there in the store.

If these idiots will lie to you about a store front, using someone else's store pictures, what else aren't they telling you. And if you need it spelled out for you, its this, you buy our product, your a sucker :(
now thats what i call i blody stright answear thanks mucker i hope some one kiks there arse in the law courts very soon to

thanks again
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