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I was tearing down my FG to do a thorough cleaning and I accidentally cut the rear brake line. DOH!:( I purchased the FG used with the brakes already on it so I don't know where to get the parts. They are Maguar brakes. I need more brakeline and a brass fitting to go into the 3 way splitter. Here are some pics. I need some help please!:helpsmilie: :helpsmilie:

ok, this is an easy one. take the old cut line with you to your local hardware store. you should be able to find a suitable replacement line there. maybe like an icemaker (in a Freezer) line.

the fitting is just a brass ferrole. the hardware store should have this on the shelf too.

i d expect to spend a buck or two so you better bring the check

honestly the ferrole would be about 45 cents and the line should be under a buck a foot.
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