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what is the best way to set my cable brakes i have a marder beetle, ann i think i need to add hole to the servo horn on the gas side and set it that that way. does any body have tips and pics to help with this:dots:
Nope it can be used and the RX box be relocated like on the steering servo with Velcro. Eventually you will want to get the alloy tray for less twisting.


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Velcro, will that really hold the RX-box in place? I'm just a bit curious. :)

I'm running Spektrum so the antenna does not come out of the body. The Velcro has never failed me - yet. A tag line can also be used if worried. I'm not too fragile with my models. This is a small test to what the Velcro goes through. My sons 1st test at the hill with our new Baja and we also ran that front brake setup with Velcro.
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