Burned up 3 Hi Tech steering what should I get.

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I bought a couple cheaper type servos... tower pro. they seem pretty fast and all but strange I am having range issues now. I had my radio set to fast frame rate for digitals, but am also using hitec 645's for my throttle and brakes, and I only seem to lose my throttle when range issues kick in. have to try it out tomorrow with normal frame rate and see if that helps lol...

man I thought it was my battery first, then the rx antenna (which I replaced as the one on it had shrink wrap), tried a different rx, then the venom failsafe got taken out. if the frame rate doesn't change things, I will be going to the lhs and buying a hitec for steering. I am also routing my antenna inside the body so might be getting interference from the motor or something. never had range isues with any other rc's before.... I hate electrical problems. I hope it's not the servo as it is really fast and whips the tires around even on carpet. I couldn't refuse the price as 2 servos were a killer deal from ebay and the guy sells quite a few.
i should say that while hitec/multiplex is no futaba they're still not bad when setup correctly.

the hitec servos don't like being stalled, that is when trying to push a linkage further than it will physically go.

futaba servos are much more resiliant to stalling and I've never had a futaba servo's electronics ever fail on me, whereas with hitec i've got 2 dead servos here right now and i've had a few more fail on me in the past, even when properly adjusted.

however, in hitec's defense i sent one servo back to them, with a nice letter saying how great they were, and they fixed it for free!

price/performance wise there's no alternative to the hitec MG-5745 large scale steering servo though, it's very powerful & fast for the money.
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