Cable brake question!


:helpsmilie: Hi, what sort of distance should it take to stop the FGMT with cable front brakes and standard rear? Just would like a rough answer so i can guess wether i have set them to their best affect.
depends, how you set them up, i can make mine nose stand when full brakes applied, i set them to set in smoothly, much more effecient. As for distance, I dunno how much feet that would come to, But from wott i pretty much stop it where I want.
Hi Buggzy, when you say you set them to brake smoothly by that do you mean a setting on the transmitter? Also just asked this on the other forum someone said theres takes 20 foot plus without pumping the brakes but quicker if they pump the brakes. I have the tuning front brakes if that makes any difference and the Spektrum radio gear.
pretty sure its with 20 feet and im not locking them up, to set them up what I did was set my brake at approx 3/4 on the remote trigger and placed my brakes to be almost locked bt binding the cables, Now when i brake i can go smoothly without locking them, if needed i slam them fully and the wheels will lock.
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