Cable brakes question


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I got some cable brakes but I need to get the sleeve and cable for them. Where in the US can I get only the cable and sleeves. I want the original FG ones because they come with the ferrules on the end!!


FG Mech Brake Numbers

The front FG Cables with Sleeve have PN# 8464/1 (front) PN# 8472/1 (rear long set) PN# 8473/1 (rear short set)

All these include a pair of cables and only the rear come in different lengths.

Hope this helps
Zouz, any place that sells Bike gear, mountain bike, 20 BMX Bikes ect. can make up cables and sheeths for you. i suspect the cost will be less or about the same, but the material quality would be much better.

some of the BMX bikes use very high end materials to make their cables and sheeths, so there is nearly no binding/hanging up or additional friction of the cable running thru the sheeths, thus make for a very smooth setup.

you ll just need to let them know what lengths the sheeths and cables need to be.
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