Calling all sydneysiders

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Sydney Australia
Guys a few of us are looking at running a big bash day at Kurnell dunes tentatively on the 17th november, anybody in sydney or surrounds (or anywhere for that matter) is welcome to come and have a great day with fellow large scalers. We are looking at a couple of sponsors for the day with a few fun events and likely a few giveaways. There will be HPI bajas, FG's of all flavours, some smartechs and even an MCD :cool2: Nitro's are welcome too as long as you go EXTREMELY hard with it :clown: Stay tuned


Location changed to Stockton newcastle

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Ohhh Yeah I'm getting pumped, 'In an RC kinda way".

C-mon guys.... prizes... give aways... racing... field events etc etc.

Every one is welcome.
Thanks Hstore!!!! :clap: Welcome to the forums too, anything LARGE you'll find it here. Spread the word, all are welcome - the more the merrier
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Guys the location for this event has pulled the pin on the day, it seems they are now under the impression it will be a massive corporate deal and cannot be convinced otherwise.
We are thinking of a day at stockton instead, please check thread at
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