Carson Gas Devil 4x4 Monster Truck

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Bigger the Better

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I'm sure I've seen a post somewhere on this but what do you guys think this one will be like? Sound bad for $1200.00 rtr? And what is a 27cm3 engine?

Technical data and content of delivery:

4 mm aluminum chassis plate with countersunk bolts
3 differentials
shaft drive
6 mm shock stay
all gears made of steel
independently adjustable disk brakes for front and rear
adjustable servo saver
giant oil filled shocks (30mm diameter shock body, 6mm diameter piston rod)
Aluminum front uprights
turnbuckles for toe-in/out and camber adjustement
fully ballraced
epoxy brake disks
700cc fuel tank with filter and ventilation
splash protected box for receiver and rx-battery
side mounted rocker panels for protection against dirt and gravel
gear protector
27 cm³ Carson CY engine
length 770mm
width 545mm
Content of delivery:

RTR model, factory built with 40 MHz FM rc-system already installed. Two strong servos, 6 volt rx nicad pack with charger, line breaker and 8 alkalines for the transmitter are included. Tires are mounted and glued.
also, i believe 40Mhz is restricted use in the usa. if so, the radio would NEED to be changed.
If its a carson, someone stateside should be able to get them.
Carson Gas Devil or Smartech Titan, same sh#t different packet.
Very difficult to get hop up parts for which is very frustrating !!!!
Have a look at all the upgrades and mods I have done and this is what you will want and need to do to the gas devil to get any satisfaction from it.
It all costs more money and you would realistically be better buying a Baja or an FG, you will get more value for money for your initial spend.
Cheers Dean

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