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hi there are a few of us that meet regular on a sunday around lunchtime at irvine beach park in ayrshire we are normally here unless we are racing at C.S.O.R who have athe first scottish fifth scale championships or are running largescale powerboats at duck bay loch lomond we will try to keep this thread updated as to what we will be up to on a weekly basis and anyone is more than welcome to come and join us

the race dates for for C.S.O.R are as follows
* Warm-up Day - 22nd April
* Round 1 20th May
* Round 2 3rd June
* Round 3 15th July
* Round 4 12th August
* Round 5 23rd September

if anyone is interested in joining us then please feel free to pm myself or badobsession on this forum or even better feel free to post here :) :) :)

there is a small faction of Scottish Baja owners i recon would fancy a big get together. maybe post up over on HBF on your Bash times. im sure those not working would love to make it.

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