changing diff fluid

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this is my first venture into petrol,an so far i love it
a few gripes,but nothing a bit of time an learning wont help

first thing is can you fill the standard diff on the marder with thicker diff oil??
an if so how??

mine seems to waste a lot of power on the corners by lifting,a wheel an spinning the power away!!

took the rear end apart to see if i could maybe thicken up the diff oil !!

but doesn't seem sealed enough to me,so i put in some thicker grease,an its a little better,but not how i would like it

second is the grip roll,now ive come from 1/8 nitro buggys/trucks/truggys
an while all are four wheel drive,the only one i got this much grip roll with was,the buggy,on grass,running hobao angle spike tyres

is there any way to calm this down?
set ups?
driving style lol?:clown:
Tyres can make a difference as to whether you grip and tip or slide over the surface, also usual stuff like ride height. Unless you get the viscous diff (pricey) you will have trouble keeping oil in it, only grease will work usually. I know what you mean about the losses though, you could try Bad Horsie diff locking grease, see the link on the RH side sponsors.
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