charging my new 4200mah pack


uk worcestershire
well guys as you know from the posts over on the hpibaja site my first hump pack went into meltdown from shorting out anyway i have put my new pack in today and gave it a charge .
charged it for 10 mins then discharged it as it says in the details on the paper
it took hour 1/4 on 4 amps i was watching the mah and when if finished it charged the pack upto 4320 mah
now tell me if im wrong the pack is only a 4200 how come it went upto 4320
the numbers are only on an estimated number.

each cell can hold a bit more or less charge than the cell next to it. all batterys are like this. regardless of make or type.

my first charge took me to 4647Mah. sounds like your good to go.
thats about what mine went up too on my durtrax ice charger...I cycle mine out about once week now since my car has been down for the winter months....
Its only measuring the charge that is put into it at that time. If you weren't fully discharged it will show a lower number.

If you were at 50% charge on a 4300, it may only read 2,100 on your charger when it peaks. This is the amount it was charged, not the total charge.

As stated above, the numbers are only a reference point for the batteries. I have found that after a few cycles they will take a higher charge.
Nothing too fancy.
Im just charging my reciever batts and packs for my Ricky bike.
Something that can run ac/dc and between 5 to 7 sub c cells


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when i charge my PM 4200, i pump it in at just over 4a to near full, then the charger drops to trickle and charges at .9a. PM recomends 5 to 6 amp charge rate on their IB4200 packs for the baja. I talked to them about React packs too. i ll let you know if they are available for sure!
there wasnt much in the pack as i could tell when turning the wheel it was slugish so i put 10 mins worth of charge in it then discharged then charge it at 4 amps .. the charger i have is a Prolux Digipeak V2 Predict Charger which i think is a really good charger.
I use the ICE charger, and from what I understand, you can tell the charger to stop when it reaches preset values. You can tell it to stop when the delta peak voltage is reached, or when the Max total current rate of the pack is reached, one or the other. They both work together for safety.
My ICE charger is set for factory setting of .6mv delta peak. The total current is set for 150%. This means the charger will stop when one of these values are reached. The 150% current rating is actually a bit higher than the delta peak. So the delta peak threshold is reached first. If you change the total current to 100%, when the charger reaches its set 4200mah capacity for the pack, it will shut off regardless of the delta peak value. The battery pack may not have yet reach max capacity, because all cells are built different. Some hold more than others.
This is the way I understand it. I may be wrong. Best thing to do is read the manual, thats where I got most of this info.

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