Clearance on a Stadium

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screamin chicken

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I have a FG Stadium and would like to get a bit more clearance I thought about the shock spacers but this thing is already very stiff, is there any other way of doing this, I don't want a MT look just a bit more higher.....
did u back out the set screws on the arms already? doing that will give u all the travel your going to get because now your shock are limiting travel. there are some aluminum shock towers the have multiple holes for shocks but i don't know if the increase travel or just change the angle of the shocks.
Check the Travel Adjustment screws on the Upper Arms. On my stadium, they prevented the arms from traveling completely down, which made the ground clearance lower.

I notice in pictures of the MT, the arms angle down which lends to the MT's higher clearance. The bigger tires on the MT don't hurt either...
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