clutch bell gear removal help

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I need help. I'm wanting to install my new alloy rear drive train, but I can't because I can not get the gear off of my clutch bell. I've tried tapping it out with a hammer and a screw driver. Any suggestions?
of course you removed the e clip first :p

the shaft might have mushroomed a bit on the end. check that and see if it needs a little filing. I just had the same hassle with the layshaft
I think this is a legitimate question: Does this differential brake fit on the stock diff or only the elcon diff?

I don't really use my brakes too much, but sometimes they're nice to have to keep it from rolling down hill or such.

You would not believe the trouble I'm having getting that gear off of the clutch bell. I've tried the blow torch and filing.
Well, I got my drive train installed and now the gear mesh between the layshaft and diff gear is good, but now the mesh between the clutch gear and the spur gear is off a little. I ruined the the plastic gear that I've used since I bought the truck new in November. Luckily I already had a steel gear in the garage which works okay but It's still off a little. Any suggestions.
I don't know what the deal was. I took it all apart and put it back together and the mesh looks better now.

What size are the little screws on the elcon drive train that are right behind the spur gear? There are 3 little screws. M2, M3? I've done lost one.
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