Cold Weather Running

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Is there anything I need to do to my vehicles prior to running in freezing cold weather aside from making sure the electronics don't get wet?

This will be my first winter with large scale RC's.
Being in Florida myself, I wouldn't know much, but I have read on other posts that the guys complain about some weak plastic parts snapping in the cold weather, so maybe watch out for that.
Sorry can't be any more help,
yea i would spray down with wd 40 make sure you don't spray on brakes and clutch and make sure you richen up mixture when its cold it leans out the mixture so richen it up and make sure eletronics are covered good .watch out for snow packing up inside of vehicle on my baja snow would get around carb linkages and freeze up. on baja use windshield and side windows to help against snow build up. on other vehicles just keep a eye out .the heat from pipe and motor kind of helps on these big scales. i spray mine off with air compressor when im done and spray wd 40 or some other protectant on it.i made a snow track in my backyard last winter with some big jumps and big berms . my back yard is not that big but it was fun when there wasnt anything to do i would use my snow blower to get down to grass and put all snow on jumps and berm and i would get some water and put it on jumps and berm to make them freeze works good i used stock tires and they were fine anyway have fun and enjoy winter
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waterproof and like Beerman mentioned ReTune.

Colder air is DENSE, thus more oxygen molocules in the same volume of air when its warmer, more oxygen means you need more fuel.
Be aware of any snow and Ice Building up on the throttle / brake linkage as as it will cause teh linkage to freeze and you will have no control, also be aware of any buildup in the pullstarter as it can become damaged. Also be aware that the carb can ice over and also stay stuck open, so periodically check it. Keep your receiver battery charged, and maybe insulate it by wrapping it to keep it from getting to cold, the cold will rob the power of the cells. Maybe run a battery gauge so you can monitor your receiver pack power levels. Watch for any Water condensation in your fuel tank too.

Good luck.
I forgot to mention FG has a cover for your radio tray P# 6539, which I am not certain, may or may not fit on the Smartech series of Vehicles. Also Caterpillar has a red Liquid Gasket P# 1388436 that dries fast and can be aplied in thin layers which you can use to seal your Receiver Box and the antenna Mount.
I would highly recommend screening the vent holes in the backside of the motor behind the flywheel. not only will it keep the snow out, but it will also keep the rocks and other debris out of that area.

you could pull the bottom caps off your servos and fill them up with dielectric greese. that way water cant get into the servo at all as all voids are filled with the non conductive dielectric greese. take the top of the servo case off and fill it also and use o rings to help seal the drive gear exit on teh top of the case as well.
do the dielectric greese to you on/off switch as well to keep it from shortig out.
currently no, but i did it to the tmaxx servos the year prior and my orig JRZ9000T. and once i get a motor for the baja again, i ll be doing it as long as i ll be running in the winter.

any radio shack should have Dielectric greese on the shelf.
or an electronics parts store, the ones that sell diodes and electronic pieces.
typically runs about 4.00 for a tube the size of a permatex tube.
I'm sure alot of us have looked at our models and noticed dew or moisture on them or have hit a puddle or two. Is there a drawback on just installing it? I only ask cause I am tearing them down this winter and think I will if it all good.:)
over time (a few yrs in most cases )Dielectric can dry up. and it'll get like dusty but whipes or blows off easily. once it is dried up, then ofcourse it should be cleaned and replaced as if its dried up, then water may have a place to get in.

think of it as filling a fish bowl with Oil. when you go to put water it, it runs off the side as the bowl is already full of oil so water cant get into the bow.
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