Compatibility Issue of GH Racing PiggBack shock caps and HPI shock bodies

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If you have the shock bodies from the left on this picture, then our PiggyBack shock caps will fit.


Here are some pictures of our piggyback shock caps fitted with the shock body on the left.


okay, so i just opened up a brand new SS kit and the front shock bodies fit our piggyback shock caps while the rear didn't. I have attached a video to show that.

The situation now is that there are basically two different versions of shock bodies from hpi. We don't know if hpi has some inconsistency when making them or maybe they actually changed the design. The problem now is that they have mixed them all up so there is no way of knowing which shock bodies would end up with each Baja. I have opened up a few RTR and SS kit, and sometimes the front would work while the rear don't, and sometimes it would be the other way around.

When we did our R&D back then, everything fit perfectly as you can see from all the pictures of our piggyback shock caps on the hpi shock bodies. Even if we do make our shock caps to fit the new shock bodies, there is no way to tell which version shock bodies each of you have.

We have talked to our R&D department and have decided that we are going to make the shock bodies. This will guarantee that the shock caps would work with the shock bodies. As of right now there is no way to guarantee that the hpi shock bodies would work with any aftermarket shock caps, our brand or others. There is also no way to order the right shock bodies from hpi that fits because they all have the same part numbers.

I have attached some pictures showing the different shock bodies from hpi.



Here is the video:

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