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Ok, so this am, i can't open my Yahoo mail on any of my computers, and now i have a risk


So does this mean its in my yahoo mailbox? because it does not allow me to open it up. I have the directions to repair, but Symantec states it repaired it, but as soon as i open the Yahoo mail, it pops up again.
That sounds like some mal-ware. Try running the current malicious software removal tool available ant

Are you running any firewall or anti-virus software?
I'm running Norton 07. Just updated a week ago. It picked it up here at work, and got rid of it. Home not so much.
Sounds like you've got an email on yahoo that's infected. Find the email and delete it from Yahoo so it doesn't keep downloading it to your computers.

yup, thats what i would say. if its on your yahoo mail, all you can do is log in to your mail, let the worm come to your puter (nortons should see it again and quarentine it) and you ll need to delete the yahoo mails with attatchments on them. most of the time these will come on attatchments. after you have it deleted from your mail account on yahoo, then you should be able to go to yahoo mail. but your saying you cant open yahoo mail? maybe go to yahoo, and try their CS. due to this beign on your emaill account, they may of looked your account until the threat is eliminated to help control its possible thread. not sure only thinking of the maybes on the last one.
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