Converting nitro to Gas

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Hey guys,
I have been toying with the idea of converting my nitro engine to gasoline. I currently own a baja and am loving the no hassle.... I would like to try it on my 1/8 scale buggy, but I just bought a new engine 1 month before I got my baja and never run it because it is such a pain to start and break in.... So is there any possibility to make a nitro engine work on gasoline??? I know about the compagnucci engines that would fit in my buggy, but I want to see if there are any cheaper alternatives??
Thanks in advance,
i think the way the exhaust ports are, and carb and such wouldn't work.

if you look at the compagnucci site they sell 2 kits, one to make the engine gas, and the other to convert it to nitro.

it probably would be wise just to buy another gas engine, like the compagnucci, or the zenoah that was mentioned before.

thats just my opinion. maybe someone else can chime in :)
Actually, Compagnucci engines can be run on gas or nitro, you just have to change the spark plug to a glow plug and replace the needle on the carb.. That is what the sales guy told me. I think you are right though speedygonzales I am just gonna get the compagnucci it's only $220. By the time I try to do it myself it will wind um costine me more.

Biggerthe better that looks awsome your truck... However, I'm pretty sure that the engine you got on that truck would bottom out the suspention on my buggy... It looks cool on ur truck though.... How does it work??
U got it guys as soon as i am done (maybe a year LOL) I will post pictures.. All Joking asside, I believe within the month I should be up to something!!
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