CowRC sponsored 2014 RC Monster Truck Challenge World Finals

Team CowRC

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This Sunday boys and girls is the CowRC sponsored 2014 RC Monster Truck Challenge World Finals! It’s all going down at Barnstormers in Chester, NY! Don’t miss this great event!

-Team CowRC


As the year goes on we get closer and closer to October which means one thing ,the RCMTC World Finals are on the way. The official date has been announced and the 2014 RC Monster Truck Challenge will be held on Sunday October 5th, 2014 at the legendary Barnstormers RC Raceway in Chester NY. The big outdoor dirt track at the Barn has been been home to R/C Monster Truck racing since 2001 and an important location to racing in the region and in the series history, dating back to the early days of the RCMTRA series, which paved the road for R/C Monster Truck Racing in the NY, NJ and CT area. This year we will bring a track never before seen not only at the Barn but anywhere else in the country. The event in 2013 was a huge step forward for the World Finals event and we continue to find ways to improve the Finals each year, 2014 will be no different. There will be an awesome racing track to compete on along with a stepped up freestyle track that you won't find anywhere else. We're working hard on everything from new track decorations and designs, music and PA systems, to enhancing competition and working on a few surprises for this years event.

In addition we have some wonderful sponsors in Cow-RC and Crawford Performance Engineering that have time and again stepped up to support this series, this event and the whole scene of R/C Monster Truck Racing. They will be providing us with some awesome prizes and giveaways for the finals, and of course trophies will be awarded at this race. We already have seen a big interest driver wise for this year that plan on coming out and we welcome any and all racers to come and enjoy this great day with us. Our #1 priority is to give you, the racer, the biggest and baddest event of the year as a thanks for coming out not only for the worlds but for each race we have each season, we could not do this without you. So get ready to rock and roll on Sunday October 5th..IT WILL BE BIG!!!!

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As always we strive to create fast and challenging courses that have a technical driving aspect and speed aspect. The trucks will start side by side and off the line will jump over a set of school buses, then a technical turn to the outside of the track and up and over a large roller hill. The trucks will then turn back in towards each other and hit a small roller, trying to keep momentum over it and set up for a turn back to the outside lane and again hit the large roller. The trucks will fight to get back on the ground as smooth as they can and then power down the long straightaway into the final turn for a side by side vegas style finish!! We're really excited about this year's track and cant wait to see it in action!

The new racing format will step the bar up like never before, where all the early racing rounds will earn the trucks points that will seed them into the final racing bracket of the day. That bracket will be the Championship round and will be a winner take all battle for the RCMTC World Finals Racing Championship!! Followed up by of course one of the most insane freestyle courses you'll see anywhere as the trucks battle for the freestyle championship!!
You can find a full description of the racing format here -

There are multiple championships and awards up for grabs this year!! We have the 2014 RC Monster Truck Challenge Points Series Championship up for grabs during the qualifying rounds of the event, the World Finals top Qualifier award and of course the RCMTC World Finals Racing and Freestyle championships!! Our awesome sponsors CowRC and Crawford Performance Engineering will be provided great prizes for the event as well. It all goes down Sunday October 5th and it's almost here!!