CowRC Sponsored 2nd Annual Keystone RC Scale Top Truck Challenge!!

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2nd Annual Keystone RC Scale Top Truck Challenge is coming!!


September 13th, 2014

Address: 2451 Route 957, Russell, PA 16345

This is a scale event you don't want to miss.

There will be 7 TTC style events.
Mud Bog
Frame twister
Tank Trap
Obstacle Course
Sled Pull
Show N Shine

TTC will be run in a timed style fashion. Lowest time, farthest distance wins.

No class seperation, all vehicles must meet SORRCA rules. All classes will compete against each the same.

There will be prizes and food available.

Entry fee is $25 per vehicle.

There will also a be a special trailer run sponsored by WE-IS-RC, and scale garage show off.

Make sure you are water proof. There will be water and mud on these courses. Make sure you have a winch, the penalty is high for courtesy winches.