Custom Painted MT-5 Monster Truck

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sweet as hell brotha! Mine was custom painted as well. sure cost a bit for everything. Looks really good though, thats like a candy red?? I added some side mirror from an fg detail kit an they cam out pretty good.. i never drive with the shell though.
mine has alot of flake as well, i need to get you guy's a pic in the sun! tuns of flake! My bashing body looks like total crap now






Should start a custom paint thread somewhere for like a contest, that would be cool :)
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Speaking of Hummers!

Here's the Hummer 2 I just finished. The images I paint are all by hand with a brush. I don't use stickers. Head and tail lights are painted as well. This is one from the Patriotic Series.

yeah mine is all paint as well! Very nice shell's Caci!! i always wanted a camo hummer. A guy at the LHS painted my body for me, i don't have the painting skill like you :) but you did an awsome job on both
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