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DBXL (K&N edition) air filter

R. Johns

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Northern Californi
I have a Losi DBXL K&N edition and want to add a velocity stack. Using the stock K&N air filter it does not look like the stock air filter will mount onto the velocity stack. I was wondering if the DT1 Dome, triple stage filter for the 5T would solve this problem ( ?

Is this a good filter? Are there any other options/suggestions? I would prefer to use an air filter that does not require any modifications to the cage and, would prefer to keep it in the stock location/position. Also, the wife has me on spending probation until after X-Mass (grand kids are great but they make holidays expensive) so price is another consideration.

Any information you can provide is greatly appreciated.


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KZN South Africa
Kn filters are not good for off road
Ddm do a few options. Go for a sponge(y)
Air Filter Assembly Complete 5IVE-T, MTXL and MINI WRC - LOS55002

could try that or
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Thank you for the replies. Probably between the DDM Billet ( or the TGN ( I like the looks of the DDM billet (who doesn't like shiny things on their RC?) Any opinions as to the air flow DDM blillet vs TGN?
so I'm gonna chime in. I would get the short stack with a outerwear and redneck vs the ddm billet, yes the ddm billet one looks wayy cooler but its mainly used for on road, it has tiny little foam elements in it that are not good for off-road. tho the picture does show it on a baja I wouldn't.
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