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DDM Dominator Torque Pipe Install

Well I managed to get a DDM Dominator from DDM via an ebay auction over the weekend and today the DDM Dominator arrived. I get home ready to install the pipe and am stopped as soon as I try to line it up to prep for the install. This strikes me as odd because DDM's site says "Fits FG MT5 Monster Truck and Monster Beetle. Also fits Duratrax Firehammer MT and XTM Grizzly" and the eBay auction said "Fits FG MT5 Monster Truck and Monster Beetle".

Let me show you the problem as it seems there's an even newer version of the FG Monster Truck then what DDM knows about and I didn't even catch this until after I closely looked at the images.

Pay special attention to the roll cage setup of this FG Monster Truck. Notice how the roll cage goes between the engines and the tank and there's no support going any where near the bend of the pipe.


Now see notice my FG Monster Truck and it's cage. Notice how the roll cage has been extended on in my version of the truck. The cages comes from the top of the engine then starts to extend out past the gas tank and then a middle support brace.


In this picture you can see that I've just inserted the screw at the gear plate to help hold up the pipe. What you can't see much if any at all is that while still not completely tight the pipe doesn't fit flush against the gear plate, you'll see why in a minute.


This next picture shows the real issue, since the cage in my version of the monster truck extends out past to the gas tank and now includes a middle support brace the engine is hitting this brace at the end of the pipe. Thus causing it to not line up correctly and flush with both the engine and the gear plate. Notice the arrows at the engine - it's not even close to lining up...


My concern is cutting the middle brace off to allow for the pipe to fit correctly (hopefully) and with the middle brace gone weakening the roll cage considerably. Anyone else with this version of the FG Monster Truck running a DDM Dominator pipe? I'm interested in hearing what you've done to get this to mount correctly.

woodie I have a FG MT also with a Dominator.I see what your saying in your pics.My roll cage looks the same as yours.Unfortunatley I'm still waiting on parts from rcnutshobbies after my crash.When I get the new roll cage piece and try to mount I'll surely let you know.BTW the mounting bracket on the rear of the pipe,did you have to drill a new hole or elongate the existing hole on yours?I had to do that on mine so far.:(

I'd hate to say 100% sure on what's going to be needed to get this to mount. As of right now, no I haven't had to drill or elongate the hole to mount the pipe. In the third picture posted you can see the pipe is prepped to be installed using that bracket. However given the fact that right now the pipe is so off and out of place I don't know 100% for sure what's going to have to be done to one get the pipe to line up with the motor and two to get it lined up with the bracket.

I will say this, the back bracket did seem to be off when I placed it as flush as I could with the engine before I screwed it in like I have it now. So you may be right - the hole may need to be relocated as well.

From your pics it looks like we have the same pipe.On thier site at DDM they also have a dominator ''top end'' pipe and where it mounts on the engine it has a different shape to it.Never the less they are both advertised as being for the FG MT:helpsmilie: :no:
Yeah, the top end mounts inside the cage, however even that pipe makes me wonder how it'd fit with that middle brace there. I did call DDM and Brads response was the versions they tested doesn't have that brace there so cut the brace.

you could alway use a piece of aluminum tubbing and make 2 screw holes up the cage a bit and install it with a few bolts above the pipe. that will keep the strength of the cage intact.
does it fit without the cage? i got a jetpro v2 the first week daves had them and it would not line up right either but the dremel fixed it. call daves the have EXECELENT customer service.
Timmahh - You've got a good idea and I'll try that out. I've now cut out the brace...


But now I've got another problem. Just as Frumpy mentioned the bracket hole is located to far up and now must be re-drilled.


So a few more questions. Where can I find threaded alum tubing to reconnect the cage and what's the best way to re-drill this hole? Lastly will it hurt to use two gaskets between the pipe and engine as it does mount up much better there still seems to be a lil more gap then normal.

woodie use a hand drill and a good set of bits and most important start with a small hole say 1/8'' and go a little bigger each time until you get to the size you want.:)
you can get a piece of aluminum tubing at lowes or homies depot, cut to width, and then tap threads on the inside. find some of the smallest tube you can find, and see what size bolt will be needed and get the correct tap.
like frumpy said, start with a small bit, center it where you want your brace, and drill up to your bolt size so you have to thread the bolt thru your newly drilled hole into your new cross brace. do one side then the other, it will be a bit easier to keep the brace level. one other thing befor you tap the threads, you may want to cup the ends of the new brace to start to wrap around the existing cage. it will keep everything tightly fit together, and give you the most bang for your buck as far as strength on the cage.
hey Ryan and Woodie, i ment to ask earlier. Dom Xport do him any good to eat up a bit o space?

maybe this will make it a bit easier to follow Woodie. its nothing special, but you should get what i mean from it.

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Timmahh, Thanks for the drawing, I understood what you meant. I just have to go buy some screw taps for this project. Most everything I do is done in the kitchen ;)

Any suggestions on how to cut the ends like that as well? Is that something I could use a larger drill bit to make the half circle then cut it off in the middle of that hole?

Dremel tool with endmill bit will do that for ya. Or even a small grinding stone bit will do too but it will take longer.

BTW, I have no problem installed my DDM pipe just now since mine is a top-end one which fits inside the rollcage, unlike your torque pipe which is bigger and fits around the outside. My lucky choice I guess...:clown:
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i was going to say dremel and grinding stone, but a drill press and a good size bit will do the same thing faster.
Well good news, the guys over at RC Solutions, makers of the incredible Cyber-Maxx and RCS roll cages, have offered to make me the aluminum support braces for my FG Monster Truck cage since I had to cut mine off to mount the DDM pipe.

Now I just have to go home and make all the measurements for the brace and send them over to RCS. I'll let you know how it turns out once I get them.

Ok well I've finally got the pipe mounted onto the FG Monster Truck...

(Glamour shot)



My thoughts thus far? Well for one, a lot of work just for one pipe. Not only does this pipe require you to cut a support brace from the roll cage the back bracket also doesn't line up so you have to file or drill the hole in an oval shape in order to use the back bracket.

Minus the install procedure the pipe does perform a noticeable difference. I've never been the type to see much if any difference in pipes in the Nitro world, but the DDM pipe does in fact have a noticeable difference. I wasn't pulling wheelies from dead stop but I sure did have more gitty up. Not only was the power noticeable but the sound was too. It turned my FG Monster Truck into a small weed eater into a chainsaw sound. Just at idle the thing sounds like it's going to eat someone and once you give it gas - watch out! As an added bonus not only does the DDM Dominator pipe sound and perform good it's looks are killer. Even after a little mud bath the pipe still manages to sparkle!

Back to the braces, RC Solutions is going to make me some custom braces and I'll post more pictures once I get them. I'll keep ya posted!

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